Event Planning Tips

Keeping Bugs Away

Nothing can spoil a party more than those annoying mosquitos and other similar critters! There are many ways to combat these pests, but you should try to avoid chemical that are harmful to the environment (and your guests). Citronella candles are one of the most popular options, but you can also try another natural remedy such as planting natural bug-repelling plants - citronella, marigolds, horsemint and catnip to name a few. And, for a high-tech - and free - way to counter this problem, you can download Smartphone Apps that emit ultrasound frequencies that will keep those pesky bugs away.

Music Tips

When planning for music at your event, it is better to have several speakers spread around the yard playing at a lower volume, than to have a couple of speakers playing loudly. If you're simply using a boombox or similar, just position it higher than ear level so as not to be too distracting.


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